In this Lenten season, all Christians are invited to take an honest and inward look at their discipleship and the ways they serve God. Though every Christian is called by God to serve God, the discernment and work of identifying leadership strengths, assessing talents and skills and equipping new leaders to serve in leadership roles is the work of the body of Christ.
Designed for clergy and laity who serve in churches, this Leadership Lessons series on “Identifying and Equipping New Leaders” will help participants develop a useful framework to identify, train and equip new leaders for church ministry. Participants will walk away with resources, strategies and tools to identify leaders, assess performance and potential, and equip church leaders for their roles and responsibilities.
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Who is invited? All Clergy and All Laity including Lay Leaders, SPRC members, Certified Lay Ministers, Lay Servants, Nomination Committee members, and candidates for licensing and ministry.
Course Instructor: Rev. Doris K. Dalton, Director of Leadership Development and Intercultural Competency
Dates and Times: Thursdays from 6:30-8:30pm on March 31 and April 7
Registration: There is no fee to register for this 2-session class, though registration is required. Registration is now open at
The registration deadline is Monday, March 28 at 12:00pm. There are no credits offered for this class. Classes will not be recorded and there will be no make-up sessions.
Questions? Contact Rev. Doris K. Dalton at

New York Conference, The United Methodist Church, 20 Soundview Ave, White Plains NY 10606 | 914-615-2227