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Class begins at 6:30 tonight! 
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ZOOM information to join:
Meeting ID: 813 6824 7764
Passcode: 849819
Required Class Materials: Bible, note pad, “The Spirit and Art of Conflict Transformation” by Thomas Porter (purchase the book at Cokesbury, Upper Room). Optional: Journal
Tonight we will talk about Understanding Conflict
Pre-Class Assignment:  Read Part I: Chapters One and Two (pages 11-38) in “Spirit and Art of Conflict Transformation” (or review the attached summary if you have not yet received your copy of the book).

  • Definitions: What is Conflict?
  • Biblical and Theological Grounding
  • Types of Conflict
  • Responses to Conflict

Assignment for next class: Read Part I: Chapters Three and Four (pages 39-72) in “Spirit and Art of Conflict Transformation” before the next class.
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New York Conference, The United Methodist Church, 20 Soundview Ave, White Plains NY 10606 | 914-615-2227