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Dear friends,

A question to the faith leaders in the New York Annual Conference: Who are the faithful and faith-filled women who raised you, who poured into you and nurtured a desire to become a preacher and teacher of the Gospel? 

In this week’s deeply personal reflection, Rev. Doris K. Dalton (NYAC Director of Leadership Development and Intercultural Competency) honors the Women of Faith who demonstrated God’s love in a way that has been unforgettable, inspiring and impactful to solidify the covenant that God has written upon her heart. 

Please share this and any of our pre-recorded devotionals with your congregation, or with others who may need to hear a hope-filled message at this time.  You will find those messages here.

We would like to invite the clergy and laity of the New York Conference to participate with us in these weekly reflection times.  If you are interested in providing a devotional for us, or if you know someone who might be (clergy or laity), please contact Carol Merante ( in the Connectional Ministries office to reserve your date.  Guidelines for recording devotionals are attached to this email.


Matt Curry
Director of Connectional Ministries
New York Annual Conference

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