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We are pleased to say that the final shipment of PPE supplies has arrived at the Conference Center. The  kits will be distributed to our churches the week of August 10, coordinating with the Cooperative Parish structure and identified drop-off locations.

Distribution will be to the “northern” districts (CH, NY/CT, and CT) on August 11 and the “southern” (LIE, LIW, MET) on August 13.  Please watch for notification from your district office with drop-off times and locations within your district.
We're looking for several additional drivers to cover the distribution for Manhattan and Staten Island churches. Please contact Tom Vencuss if you are able to assist. 

We deeply appreciate your patience during this time, and we pray God’s blessings on your congregations in the days ahead.



Photos by Ellen Knudsen

  • 2020-2021 Appointments Fixed. Please click here to see the list of new appointments and retiree videos.
  • Clergy Virtual Session of Annual Conference Saturday, October 24, 9:00 a.m.  
    We will gather online as eligible clergy to consider the “Business of the Annual Conference” report from the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry. Work is being done to abbreviate this report so that our meeting will be confined to a two-hour block.Formal votes on retirements, status changes, and approval of those recommended for commissioning and ordination will take place at this session.
  • Virtual Annual Conference Session 
    Saturday, October 24, 1:00 p.m.  
    All delegates to the 2020 New York Annual Conference session will be invited to this gathering.This too will be a greatly abbreviated session to only deal with essential business, including remembering those who have died since our last session, limited elections that will be required due to vacancies, reports that must be given (according to the Book of Discipline), and approval of our budget for the next year. Since we are limited by our own rules, the Book of Discipline, and the reality of limited connectivity/stability in some regions, there will be no legislative sections that can be organized and conducted for this meeting. Business will be limited to the items listed above.

Links to both sessions will be sent to credentialed members of Annual Conference, in a "Call to Conference" from our Annual Conference Secretary. Please make sure that your church's representative information is current.  You may contact Margaret Howe at with questions and/or updates.

Hatching New Ministries

In this issue of the CM E-Newsletter, we highlight two more new ministries that will be "hatched" in our Conference during the coming 12-18 months, under the guidance of Ministry Incubators
"Ministry Incubators is an incubator program and consulting group for early-stage impact entrepreneurs. We invest our time and experience in individuals, organizations, and faith communities who want to turn hare-brained ministry ideas into sustainable impact enterprises with a theological mission."
We ask you to pray for these NYAC ministry initiatives and the teams who will be turning them into reality.

Brooklyn Downtown South Cooperative Parish -  
St. Paul’s UMC  and St. Mark’s UM? - Janet Cox, Team Leader:

Under the leadership of Deacon Janet Cox, these two churches, with a possible participation from others in the cooperative parish, have been working to create a shared youth ministry to engage  young persons in mission and equip them to lead flourishing lives. 

This cooperative ministry with young people was poised and ready to launch right  before the coronavirus hit earlier this year. The kickoff event was to be a one-day  seminar called “YES 20/20” that offered youth and young adults financial training,  mentoring opportunities, and mental health education, complete with access to  lawyers, parents, police officers, and other community stakeholders who volunteered  their availability as mentors. While cancellation due to COVID-19  was a devastating blow, preparation for this event has given BCP a strong platform to  build on going forward.  In the short run, a superb young leadership team is being 
11 developed under Rev. Cox’s oversight. These young leaders, and their potential  connection to other young people, may prove to be the initiative’s biggest asset. The team recognizes that their pre-Covid youth ministry plans must now be adjusted to  meet the needs of young people in the post-quarantine culture, and are working to envision what that will look like.

The Table NY (Westchester County) - Susan Chupungco, Team Leader:
The Table NY is a developing new faith community, as  part of the Rivertown Incubator, and is centered around providing a welcoming,  Queer-affirming, anti-racist environment for all people, especially the de-churched, and speaking prophetically into social issues in Westchester County, New York. The Table NY began as a weekly Wesleyan Covenant group that has organically evolved into the early stages of a new church start.  

The Table NY occupies a building that is the largest physical church footprint in town,  even though outsiders would probably say that it doesn’t “look” like a church—a fact  that serves as a boon to the fellowship’s mission of serving the de-churched. Many new  residents of Westchester County come from New York City looking for flourishing  church communities like what they had in the city, but are disillusioned to find them  lacking in the ecclesial landscape. The Table NY is poised to fill this gap.

Technology Grants
Technology Grants are still available, through the end of the calendar year. These grants are to help churches cover the technology costs associated with the pandemic (cameras, speakers, etc.). Your church can submit a proposed budget for the money, or receipts for reimbursement for items purchased since March. There are three categories ($250, $500, or a matching grant of $800) that churches can receive a grant from; please note churches will only receive one grant, not one grant from each category. Click here for more information and to apply.
Still In Mission

#StillInMission Episode 11 will take place on Thursday, August 13 at 2:00 PM EDT.  Learn a little about the missionaries by clicking their names below.  

Brooke Atchley is serving as the Executive Director of Elk Garden School Community Ministries with the Holston Annual Conference in the United States.   
Jean Paul Dietrich is serving as the Project Coordinator with the South Congo Episcopal Area in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  
Sara Flores
is serving as the Assistant to the Bishop for Church & Community Development with the Evangelical United Methodist Church of Ecuador.  Sara is one of our own NYAC missionaries.
Lorraine Charinda is serving as an Agricultural Rural Economic Development Specialist in the North Katanga Episcopal Area in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 
     Registration is required for this event, and you can do that by clicking here. During the meeting, we will break into small groups to hear individual presentations.  You can choose the missionary you would like to hear more from in the registration in the question, ‘Whose presentation would you like to hear?’  
     These new missionaries have answered God’s call to mission during an uncertain time, and your virtual & financial support through these events are critically important.   
     Find information about this event, and future #StillInMission Episodes here. Want to hear recordings of previous meetings?  Visit our vimeo channel. 

Meet Missionary John Nday

The NYAC Missions office is pleased to be able to sponsor a conversation with John Nday, a missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church serving as agricultural coordinator at Cambine Mission in the South Mozambique Annual Conference. This virtual conversation will take place Monday, August 24 at 1PM EDT.

To register for this event, please click here.  Participation is limited to 100, and is on a first-register basis.  For more information contact Tom Vencuss at or Jill Wilson at

Join a Virtual VBS
  • From the Lewis Center: 3 Ways to Counter Online Fatigue
  • The Rev. Dr. Rick Vance, director of the Center for Men’s Ministries, General Commission on UM Men offers his thoughts on Coping with "Disaster Fatigue"

  • Theological books available from a former pastor who's downsizing. Please contact Don Heatley at for more information.

  • Youth: Jenna Johnson, our Conference Youth Ministries Coordinator is hosting bi-weekly youth group sessions on Friday nights at 6pm. Join youth from across the Conference as we discuss current events and the Christian response. Please contact Jenna at for the zoom link.

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We strive to share God’s love by creating safe places where all are accepted and welcomed, connecting the needs of people to the presence of God, and transforming the world through Christ.

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