Please consider this a friendly reminder that we need to hear from you as soon as possible about your participation in Bishop Bickerton's Wesleyan Heritage Tour through England, March 8-17, 2020.  The text of the Bishop's initial invitation (to those of you who are potential ordinands) may be found below.  We have to give a head count to the company that coordinates this trip for us within the next couple of weeks.  If you intend to go, please complete the registration by Wednesday, October 9.  I will appreciate hearing from you either way - whether you plan to go on the trip or not.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Thank you!

Carol L. Merante
Program Coordinator for Connectional
Ministries & Congregational Development
New York Annual Conference of
The United Methodist Church
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White Plains, NY 10606-3302
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Bishop Bickerton's Invitation

Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  I pray that this note finds you well and blessed.
I know that this upcoming year is one of anticipation for you as you find yourself eligible to come before the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry seeking ordination and full membership in our Annual Conference.  Please know that I am committing myself to praying for you as you walk through these days of preparation and interviews.
As you know, over the last three years I have sponsored a trip to explore John Wesley’s England for our Ordinands.  That trip has once again been scheduled and will take place on March 8-17, 2020.  The attached itinerary will give you an idea of the places we will be visiting.
The basic cost of this trip is a gift to you from me and our Annual Conference.  You will be responsible for any additional expenses that you may incur during the trip.  These items include the extra cost of a single room, love offerings for the guide and driver, incidentals and souvenirs.  In addition, spouses are more than welcome to participate in this trip but their cost will be the full cost of the trip, plus any extras and incidentals.  
Even though you have not yet been interviewed/approved by the Board of Ordained Ministry, we need to secure the space needed for next year’s trip.  I need you (and your spouse, if applicable and attending), to register for this trip by September 1st, using the link below.  There are a couple of important items to consider:

  • Your name should be entered exactly as it appears on your passport.
  • Please attach a scanned copy (no photographs or faxes) of the name/photo from your passport.
  • Please indicate your roommate preference or desire for a single room.  If you do not request a specific person, we will make those assignments in our office.
  • This trip is a major commitment of the Annual Conference financially.  Your commitment/desire to attend is important so that we can be good stewards of the resources provided by the Annual Conference.  To that end, we are asking each participant to make a deposit of $350.00 to secure your spot.  This money will be refunded to you after the trip if you attend.  You will sacrifice this deposit if, for some reason, you are unable to attend. 
  • We anticipate the basic cost of the trip will be approximately $3,200, which will include travel insurance, though not every reason for cancelling is insurable.
  • Please note the following deadlines/cancellation fees for all travelers:
    • September 30, 2019: $350 confirmation deposit due
    • October 30, 2019: $75 fee charged for cancelling
    • December 20, 2019: $350 fee charged
    • January 31, 2020: 50% of trip cost charged
    • February 3, 2020: 100% of trip cost charged

This trip has been a transformational experience over the years as we have built lasting relationships and as we have explored the intersections of Wesley’s England with our modern-day context of ministry.  However, this is not just an educational trip, it is a spiritual pilgrimage that brings extra meaning to this special part of your life, the confirmation of your call to ministry in God’s church.
Please take a few minutes to register for this trip.  As the time draws closer we will have orientation and informational meetings in order to get everyone adequately prepared for the journey we will experience together.
If you have any additional questions, please contact Carol Merante (914-615-2228 or
I look forward to sharing this special experience with you!
The Journey Continues . . .
                                                            Blessings & Peace,
                                                           Thomas J. Bickerton
                                                            Resident Bishop


The New York Conference
The United Methodist Church
20 Soundview Ave, White Plains, NY 10606